10 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Successful Small Business Team

Building a successful small business team comes with many challenges, especially in 2022. But it’s not all about recruiting and hiring. It also asks to get the most out of your current employees. Here are tips for achieving these team goals from members of the online small business community.

Streamline and automate recruitment

Recruiting new team members can be quite time consuming. However, implementing systems can help you save time while still bringing in your ideal candidates. Mark Jones of Process Street describes essential elements of hiring processes in this post.

Successfully managing a freelance team

Today’s small business teams are not always made up of traditional workers. Many companies work with freelancers instead. Leading the modern workforce requires different skills and strategies. Learn how to lead freelance teams in this SME CEO post from Ivan Widjaya.

Improve employee workday productivity

Once you’ve hired some team members for your company, you hope they get a lot of work done every day. However, they may need some support to achieve optimal productivity. Get tips for increasing team output in this Poptin post from Tomer Aharon.

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Support creativity and productivity

Creativity is another important quality to nurture within your small business team. Employees should have the necessary freedom to develop and share their own ideas to grow your business. So how can you promote this along with productivity? Anna Fox discusses in this Curatti blog post.

Invoke confidence and strength for true leadership

Effective leaders are able to harness their power while building trust within their team. So how can you create these qualities and use them to your advantage in a business environment? Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings elaborates in this post.

Understand your employee engagement metrics

Engaged employees tend to get more done and care more about doing their job effectively. To promote engagement, it helps to understand the landscape first. Piyush Shah shares several employee engagement stats in this Jobillico post.

Evaluate your own executive job search

Many entrepreneurs start out in corporate America. So you may already be familiar with the job search. If you’re in the midst of a frustrating executive job search, read this post from Joel Libava of The Franchise King for some thoughts on how to jump into business ownership.

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Learn from other entrepreneurs

Whether you’re building a team or developing new business strategies, it’s always helpful to learn from others who’ve been there before. Documentaries can be a great educational resource. In this 99signals post, Sandeep Mallya shares several options for entrepreneurs. And BizSugar members agreed.

Make your small business look professional

Your company’s reputation and first impression can help you attract the right candidates and clients. Every company has different goals. But it is usually beneficial to cultivate a professional appearance. Learn more about how to make this possible in this Small Biz Viewpoints post from Harry and Sally Vaishnav.

Consider renting office space

More and more companies are choosing to work remotely. But physical office spaces still offer numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and teams. If you’re considering running your business and collaborating with your team, read this Small Biz Tipster post from Lisa Sicard for the benefits of renting office space.

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