7 Magic Words To Stop Scope Creep

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Hosted by Sara Nay, the Agency Spark Podcast is a collection of short interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consulting and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here!

About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara talks to Karl Sakas about 7 magic words to stop scope creep.

Running an agency is complex, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated! Karl Sakas helps agency leaders make smarter decisions for smoother growth.

Based on his background in agencies, Karl has directly advised hundreds of agencies on every inhabited continent. His clients call him their ‘desk therapist’.

Karl and his colleagues help you simplify the life of an agency through personal support, executive education and training. He has written several books and over 400 articles on agency management.

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In addition to his work, Karl volunteers as a bartender on an antique train. Get a free copy of his “Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger” eBook when you sign up for his agency leader’s newsletter.

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