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Everywhere you turn, it’s like bumping into an ATM. Not to mention, you can find them in some of the most unlikely places. We’re talking about those drive-thru ATMs in fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and even college campuses. And, of course, you’ll find a kiosk offering ATMs in just about every bank lobby.

Financial institutions, retailers and other businesses need machines that dispense cash to customers and employees. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? Well, one important thing that this means is that business is thriving leading to plenty of opportunities in the ATM franchise industry.

So if you are looking for a business opportunity that can be both profitable and recession proof, an ATM business could be a perfect fit for you. This article discusses the different types of ATM franchises available, how much it costs to get started, and more. We will also answer the big question “how profitable are ATMs?”

What is an ATM Franchise?

First let’s talk about what a franchise is. A franchise is a business model in which a company (the franchisor) licenses its trademarks, trade secrets, know-how and other intellectual property to other third parties (the franchisees) who agree to open and operate a location according to the franchisor’s methods and procedures .

An ATM franchise is a fairly new type of business that allows you to own and operate your own ATM. As a franchisee, the ATM franchise you offer includes things like cash withdrawals, money orders, balance inquiries, and credit card advances. These types of franchises provide a great way to earn extra income as people always need cash for different purposes.

Why You Should Consider an ATM Franchise Opportunity?

There are many reasons why business owners should consider ATM franchise opportunities, including:

Labor costs are low: you don’t have to hire employees or handle payroll while earning residual income. Therefore, the labor costs with ATM franchises are very low. Scalability: You can start this type of franchise business part-time and it won’t be at the expense of your primary income. You can then scale up as your finances and availability allow. Flexibility: Many of these franchises offer flexible subscription options, such as cancel anytime and short-term leases. Low overhead and high ROI: With a relatively low investment, you will see a high return on your investment. Low Hours: You only need to work a few hours a week to earn residual income in the long run. You can save on credit card fees: Businesses with ATMs inside receive more cash transactions than those that don’t. When owners choose to have one in their establishment, you can save on credit card fees. Excellent Revenue Opportunity: With an ATM franchise, you earn a commission on every transaction, including those of customers who come to your business for the first time. The convenience factor: Customers appreciate the benefit of an easy way to get money, which means they will visit your kiosk location more often in the future.

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Top ATM Franchise Business Options

If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur in 2022, these excellent ATM franchise opportunities will inspire you to take the next step.


ACFN is the largest ATM franchise in North America, serving hotels and other travel and entertainment based businesses since 1999. rental negotiations to equipment and signage. The initial investment is a minimum of $60,000, the franchise fee is $25,000 and the royalty fee is 1%. Franchise Direct also points out that “the franchisor may offer franchisees financing of their initial franchise fee through a promissory note with ACFN.”

Franchise Information for ACFN

2. Fidelity ATM

Fidelity ATM offers complete packages that start at $31,495. Their standard package includes 3.5,7 and 10 ATMs with secure cash dispensing units, an in-depth training program, daily all-day network connections, and maintenance and service contracts. Their premium package provides that plus additional revenue streams such as check cashing, money transfer, loyalty card programs and movie tickets.

Franchise Information for Fidelity ATM

3. Bitcash USA

Bitcoin’s business opportunities in the ATM industry are quite new. However, that doesn’t mean these franchises aren’t profitable. Bitcash USA provides a convenient way to access the bitcoin ATM business. Their two-way cryptocurrency kiosks work in much the same way as conventional ATMs, except that transactions are not made through a bank account. Instead, customers are directly connected to a crypto kiosk owner’s P2P Crypto Wallet for an easy method of purchasing Bitcoin in person. You initially invest $13,500-$250,000 for a Bitcash ATM and there are no royalties or franchise fees.

Bitcash USA Homepage

4. ATM Money Machine

Number four on the list is a full service ATM business and they pride themselves on the strong technical support they provide as part of their franchise program. You can take advantage of this business opportunity for a very low cost as the initial investment starts at $2,100 and there are no royalties or franchise fees. In addition, with each new ATM placement, you can earn 100% of the transaction revenue as long as it remains in that location.

Franchise Information for ATM Money Machine

5. Empire ATM Group

Empire is the only mobile ATM franchise in the country, meaning the business opportunities for expansion and growth are enormous. You have the option to start part-time with a single machine until you learn the ropes, then gradually expand your business by adding more machines. The company also provides its franchisees with the training and support necessary to be successful in doing business.

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Franchise Information for Empire ATM Group

6. Mr. Payroll Corporation

If you want to be your own boss and also provide your customers with more than just regular ATM services, consider being your own boss at Mr. payroll. Comprised of a nationwide network of franchised check cashing facilities at grocery stores and other neighborhood service centers, the company offers a slew of services such as bill payment, money order issuance, check cashing, money transfers and more. You’ll need a higher investment than some of the business opportunities on this list, but additional services mean additional income.

Franchise Information for Mr. Payroll Corporation

7. Bitbox

Bitbox is a bitcoin-only ATM one-stop shop. Their machines are easy to operate and they provide full training and support to their franchisees. And while dealing with cryptocurrency may sound like it’s only for the tech-savvy, Bitbox makes it easy for anyone to get involved in this burgeoning industry. They have three franchise packages for their 2-way Bitbox machines that start at $42,799 with no future pending royalties.

Franchise Opportunities for Bitbox ATM

8. Aspire Payments

Aspire Payments is a full-service ATM provider that offers both traditional ATM and bitcoin franchise capabilities. Plus, they have one of the largest selection of machines in the industry to choose from – and they provide support and training to their franchisees. They have a whole range of services in the kiosk portfolio and you can use everything from cashing checks to issuing prepaid debit cards to increase your transaction revenue. Their franchise fee is $25,000 to start with one machine.

Franchise Information for Aspire Payments

9. Banks and Credit Unions

After the pandemic, staffing is one of the biggest problems facing credit unions and banks. Outsourcing their ATMs solves some of that problem, along with removing this equipment from financial ledgers. In addition, Citizen’s Bank and CNB have outsourced their ATM services in the past and said they were all the better for it. There are other financial institutions that choose to outsource theirs as a go-to solution, and they typically have very low startup costs. Ongoing costs are also very reasonable and you can often negotiate a lower rate if you commit to a longer-term contract.

How To Choose The Best Franchise To Set Up Your ATM Business

When considering becoming an ATM franchise owner, there are a few factors to consider during the selection process, including:

The initial investment needed: You want to make sure you have the financial resources needed to start up your business. Ongoing expenses associated with the franchise: You want to make sure you’re covering the monthly or annual royalties or marketing costs. The training and support offered by the franchisor: You want to make sure you have access to the resources you to successfully run your business. The location of the franchise: You want to choose a location that is convenient for your customers and has a lot of foot traffic. Also keep in mind that some ATM franchises do not place their machines in bars or other high volume locations that could be considered “high risk” for vandalism. The market potential for the franchise: You want to make sure there is demand for the services you will be offering.

How much does an ATM franchise cost?

The cost of an ATM franchise can vary depending on the franchisor, location, and the number and type of machine you choose. That said, initial investments typically range from $25,000 to $100,000, and ongoing costs can range from $50 to $500 per month. By ACFN, estimated total costs, assuming the operation of one to three ATMs, range from $39,234 to $63,817.

Before investing, keep in mind that you will also need cash to go into your kiosk, which is separate from your initial investment. A large part of this money is also needed at busier locations with multiple machines. Also pay attention to the financial requirements of the franchises you are considering. For example, Aspire states that franchisees need approximately $200,000 in cash before granting an ATM franchise.

Are ATMs profitable?

By now, being an ATM service probably sounds like a good part-time franchise that can grow into a full-time retirement idea. But are they really all profitable or is it just hype?

The truth is that providing ATM franchises can be an extremely profitable business venture if you have enough foot traffic. That means it is of utmost importance to choose the right location. Once you’ve done that, the fees for each trade can add up, especially if you have a lot of trades.

As mentioned, you can also increase the profits of your ATM franchise business by offering additional services such as check cashing or prepaid debit cards. Simply put, there is virtually no limit to the revenue you can make when you start scaling your business with more ATMs. In short, with the right franchisor and the right terms, you can have a successful and profitable ATM franchise business.

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