A volunteer-run mentoring program for F&B Startups in Melbourne

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Australia has set up a volunteer-run mentorship program in partnership with Melbourne’s North Food Group.

Mentees in the program receive 12 months of free mentorship from members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, with the mentors’ businesses generating a minimum of US$1 million in revenue.

The 360 ​​Mentorship Program Pilot is currently underway in Melbourne, with the intention of expanding it across Australia in the future. The existing mentoring program of the non-profit, peer-to-peer network has been in place for years, allowing EO members to receive guidance.

In addition, the pilot is focused on Food & Beverage due to the partnership with Melbourne’s North Food Group, but the group wants to expand to other industries after the pilot.

Program objectives

Entrepreneurs’ Organization 360 Mentor Program is a structured 12-month mentoring program run by EO volunteer members who want to support local start-ups and give back to local businesses.

In terms of structure, mentors and mentees attend a training session on how it will work out and how to get the most out of mentoring, followed by monthly sessions on setting goals, challenges and how to overcome them. The program aims to provide young, fast-growing start-ups with enormous potential for years of business guidance.

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Am I eligible?

The pilot program is being conducted in conjunction with members of Melbourne’s North Food Group, based on the following criteria:

Have a business with a product Demonstrated sales and incomeHave a financial turnover of $250,000K+ and do not qualify for the Accelerator ProgramWork full-time in the company

“Entrepreneurial organizations 360 Mentorship Pilot Program is our way of giving back and uplifting other small business owners in our local community,” said Costa Vasili, founder and CEO of Ethnolink, a national translation services provider.

“As a program mentor, I worked with Ben Circosta on his traditional Italian chili business, Bippi. Giving back to the community has been an incredibly rewarding experience, especially as both our business ideas were inspired by our migrant background.”

Ben Circosta, Mentee, says: “It’s been a great experience to learn from a successful entrepreneur like Costa, and I was able to immediately improve not only business processes, but also personally, as a business owner.”

The 12-month pilot program focuses on setting goals and solving challenges as they arise, with monthly catch-ups averaging a few hours per month. Closing in 2023, the goal is to roll it out in other states next year. Entrepreneurs’ organization has independent departments that are active in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA.

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The non-profit, peer-to-peer network’s existing mentoring program has been running for years, allowing EO members to receive mentorship. 360 Mentorship Program is aptly named for completing the circle of providing mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, empowering them to grow and prosper.

Mentee companies in the program include Josh’s Rainbow Eggs (Victorian Young Achiever Award 2019 for environmental sustainability) and Bippi, an authentic Italian pepper, to name a few.

More here http://www.eoaustralia.org/

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