Check out this unique Airbnb rental for your next vacation spot

Travel offers a huge range of benefits to small business owners. Vacations can provide much-needed rest, so you can get back to work full of energy. Visiting new places can provide unique perspectives and inspiration for your next big projects. And thanks to remote teams and technology, many small business owners today can even work while they travel.

Whether you’re planning a getaway or looking for a unique place to run your business while travelling, there are countless unique places to stay. From boats and RVs in the US to old windmills abroad, here are some unique Airbnb rentals to consider for your next getaway.

Highlands Castle, Bolton, New York, United States

Think you have to go abroad to stay in a traditional castle? Think again! This royal estate is full of period charm and modern amenities, overlooking New York’s Lake George. From $8,295 per night, you can even book three adjacent castles for up to 21 people. There is also an option to book a single suite in the castle for a lower rate.

Grain Bin Retreat, Ligonier, Indiana, United States

grain bin

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a renovated grain bin, now is your chance. Located near Eagle Lake in the middle of Amish Country, you get the full rural experience in a comfortably furnished accommodation. Starting at $131 per night, the three bedrooms can sleep up to six.

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Tutti on the Farm, Quinte West, Ontario, Canada

tutti on the farm

For those into vintage charm, Tutti on the Farm is a quaint RV in a pretty Ontario outdoor area. This is ideal for those willing to go “rough” as there is an outbuilding and no indoor shower. However, there is a swimming pond, fire pit and screened dining area for rates starting at $54 per night.

Two Dedroom Suite, Paroikia, Paros, Greece

two bedroom suite

If you’re ready to travel abroad for a relaxing or exotic getaway, consider this Cycladic home in Paroika, Greece. This home has a private pool and sea views from $657 per night. The hosts actually have a series of landscaped villas all set on a nearby hillside to optimize views and privacy.

Charming Yurt on Country Farm, Marshall, North Carolina, United States

charming yurt

If you’re looking for fresh air and privacy, this North Carolina yurt may be for you. Located on a large farm, you can enjoy the great outdoors as soon as you step into the field of nearby flowers. The unit is also equipped with modern amenities such as an EV charger and Wi-Fi, starting at $110 per night.

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Edo Period Warehouse, Minami, Yamanashi, Japan

edo warehouse

If you are looking for a unique cultural experience, visit this hotel in Japan. Part of a larger estate, this unit is an old warehouse with views of the Southern Alps and Mount Fuji. There is also a beautiful garden on the property and many unique landscapes nearby, starting at $202 per night.

Dome Sweet Dome, Bend, Oregon, United States


For those who love the outdoors but still want access to city activities and amenities, head to Bend, Oregon. This rental is located on private property near many trails and bike paths, but only a short drive to restaurants and shops. Oh, it’s also shaped like a dome. Rates start at $169 per night.

Private room on a catamaran, San Diego, California, United States


If you’re looking for adventure and plenty of time on the water, book a room on this San Diego catamaran. You get your own room, but the rent is not for the whole boat. So this opportunity is ideal for a solo business traveler looking to explore Southern California with new friends. Rates start at $205 per night.

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Paradela Mill, Paradela, Portugal

paradela mill

This converted windmill is set in peaceful grounds with its own garden and swimming pool in a small town in Portugal. This can be an ideal for a creative entrepreneur such as a writer or artist seeking a retreat. The unique landscape and slow lifestyle can even give rise to ideas for new projects. The three-bedroom space starts at $186 per night.

Live in Art Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

live in art studio

If you’re looking for a truly creative space to get new inspiration, consider this art studio in Santa Fe. The house has three rooms with high ceilings, lots of light, a quiet plot and views of the mountains. You can enjoy a nice retreat or use it as a workspace away from home for $114 a night to start.

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