Clean up mental clutter for more focus

A dream on the back burner is something you’ve wanted for a while but aren’t taking any action. It’s bubbling in the back of your mind. You occasionally open the lid to check. Yes! Still there. Then gently close the top, push it back, and gently say to yourself, “maybe someday.”

Dreams on the back burner are latent goals and aspirations that we have for ourselves – a business to start, a race to run, a journey to take, a book to write, and so on. Everyone has one, if not many. Sometimes they get a spurt of our attention before they fall back on our priority list, unscathed. From there they whine and even try to shame us for not taking any action.

Why dreams on the back burner are a problem

What’s interesting about retarded dreams are the competing, sometimes conflicting emotions we have when we think about them. Devising the aspiration and achievement brings joy as well as fear, pride and self-awareness, eagerness and overwhelm. And what all retarded dreams have in common is our concern about future regrets. These are the things we are both afraid of doing and of not doing. We know that if we don’t at least try, we’ll regret it when it gets too late.

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These dreams on the back burner are rarely crystal clear in our minds. They are usually more of an idea of ​​something that is difficult to put into words, not a sharp picture of exactly what we want. They become mental clutter that gets in the way of focus and clarity.

How do you make them clearer?

With clarity, you can decide, sort, prioritize, plan and rank them. And what is remarkable is that by bringing them up, they stop whining because there is a plan.

The first step to making that plan is to make time to look at these retarded dreams, really examine them, and get clear on what exactly you want. What feeling are you looking for? Who will you BE when you achieve it? Describe the dream as specifically as possible. If you have more than one – which you probably do – go ahead and inventory as many as you can. Write it all down.

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Once they are in black and white, you can sort, prioritize, rank and start planning. First, determine which dreams can be broken down into mini ‘step’ dreams? For example, if you dream of completing a marathon, is there a 5K, then a 10K, then a half marathon that you could commit to on your journey? All great achievements are the sum of dozens of smaller ones. Moving forward on our step dreams also serves two other important purposes. They confirm (or not) that this is in fact the direction we want to go. Assuming yes, they also serve as motivational fuel to keep going.

If you break them now, consider using a timeline and arranging them in years. Plot it on your path.

Why is the time now?

What’s important here is getting the courage to spend some time reflecting and getting clear about what you want. Just by acknowledging your retarded dreams, you don’t have to chase them right away. You may be inspired and see a path. You can also decide it’s still “not yet”.

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The value lies in being intentional with your decisions about what and when.

Back dreams tell us something about ourselves. They benefit from reflection and conscious decision-making. Doing this exercise will give you a sense of calm. It lessens those nagging thoughts and worries about future regrets because you make “maybe someday” “what and when.”

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