Elon Musk just made a life-changing decision and the reason why is inspiring

Friends, readers, fellow human beings. I come to learn from Elon Musk, not to praise him.

But if I’m reading it right, Musk has just made a smart, healthy lifestyle change that deserves praise and imitation, even if it was perhaps only temporary.

Background: You may have read that Musk recently took a 9 day break from Twitter.

This was a big change for him. By the count at the top of his Twitter bio, Musk has tweeted about 18,500 times.

And based on an analysis of about 14,000 of those tweets between 2018 and this year, he tweets an average of between 8 and 10 times a day, almost every day for nearly five years.

Until last month, he went without a tweet for more than six days in the same period, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal.

Heck — and this sounds like it should be a joke, but of course we all know it isn’t — Musk loves tweeting so much that he’s literally trying to buy the company.

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So, on the other hand, Musk takes more than a week off — and when he comes out again, it’s with this:

A tweet mourning the death of YouTube influencer Technoblade, and a tweet celebrating Musk’s journey, along with four of his eight children, to meet Pope Francis in Rome.

I don’t know what Musk was doing during those nine days without tweets. Bloomberg, Business Insider and other media outlets described his absence as “mysterious.” Maybe it had something to do with his plan to buy Twitter.

But to me it’s like a reader reading a poem, or a visitor looking at a painting. What the artist meant matters, but whatever you take from the experience is more important.

This is what I’m taking. We are what we do repeatedly, as more than a few people have famously said. Yet there are eras when our lives are overwhelmed by our habits — and by a compulsion to do things that aren’t necessarily the things we want to define ourselves.

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Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes it’s really hard to lose weight.

Was that what Musk was doing? Taking a conscious break? Maybe even decide to spend some dedicated time with (some of) his kids?

It would be an important decision, and inspiring to think so, even if we can’t be sure.

And it leaves me asking a question: What is the thing in your life that distracts you from your most important relationships?

Social media? Obsession with work? vices? Something else?

How would cutting them off temporarily—cold Turkey, for a week or 10 days—allow you to restore and nurture the things that really define you?

Look, people either love or hate Musk right now. There is little middle ground.

But as I write in my free ebook, Elon Musk has very big plans, you don’t have to feel one way or another to learn from him.

Perhaps this is just one of those teachable moments. And a chance, as summer kicks in, to unplug just long enough to really matter.

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