Exploring Business Opportunities in Australia for Indian SMBs

Through a partnership between Investment NSW and Indian IT industry organization NASSCOM, a series of roadshows in India will highlight business and investment opportunities in Australia for Indian SMEs.

It was launched yesterday in New Delhi and the next stops of the series are some of India’s largest metropolitan cities: Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The six-city series will explore New South Wales as a trading destination in terms of location advantage, innovation, skilled labor availability and market size.

“NSW and its capital Sydney are considered the center of financial technology in Australia,” said Vish Padmanabhan, Investment NSW Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner.

“The partnership with NASSCOM for these roadshows will hopefully encourage aspiring tech entrepreneurs in both countries to take the plunge into another exciting market.”

Currently, the US and UK are the largest markets for the Indian IT industry, which is expected to reach the $300-350 billion mark in the next five years.

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The first session in New Delhi. Source: NASSCOM on LinkedIn

Australian High Commissioner for India Barry O’ Farrell AO was also present at the first session, where he reiterated the exciting opportunities presented by the recently signed India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA).

Some of the many benefits the much-discussed trade deal promises include:

recognition of professional qualifications, registration processes and licensing between professional service providers in both countries stronger partnerships in financial, telecommunications and professional services improved transparency and predictability around Indian domestic regulations for Australian companies

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