Is Bershka Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is bershka legit . 

Check is bershka legit

Is Bershka safe to buy from?

If you're going to buy something from Bershka better to do in-store or collect in store rather than postal delivery to be safe! Unfortunately there isn't a store in my city. The clothes and bag were good and true to size, but the delivery was long. The product came...

Is Bershka a fast fashion brand?

Bershka, Zara's sister brand, is huge in Europe. After launching its US website in April, Bershka's first physical store landed in New York City in October. The fast-fashion store is geared toward teens and sells distinctly trendy pieces like fuzzy jackets and mom jeans.

What do you think about Bershka?

Bershka charge a lot of money compared to other retailers for express delivery. On top of that they can't even deliver next day or weekends which is complete rubish consider you have to pay nearly £10. I think they need to upgrade their services to meet customer needs, never using Bershka online shopping ever again.

Is there a Bershka store in the US?

This is the first physical Bershka store in the US. Inside, it looks like just about any fast-fashion store. The two-floor store is spacious and packed with colorful, on-trend clothing. The store had lots of overhead fluorescent lighting.

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