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Is GoodRx a scam? Review: Is It A Scam or A Real Prescription Drug Discount Program? - More Real Reviews Thinking of using to save money on your prescription drugs? Well it's not all good. Read some of the complaints against GoodRx before using this.

Is GoodRx a good place to buy prescription drugs?

GoodRx is a good option if you buy generic medication and are not loyal to a particular pharmacy. You might also like GoodRx if your health insurance has minimal prescription coverage benefits. GoodRx is a unique yet easy way to find cheap prescriptions and live frugally.

What is the percentage of ratings on GoodRx?

12% 2 star 5% 1 star 13% GoodRx - Prescription drug prices, coupons and pill identifier byGoodRx, Inc Write a review How are ratings calculated?

Where does GoodRx rank among coupon sites?

GoodRx ranks 12th among Coupons sites. When I reported the difference to GoodRX, they confirmed that their coupon price was in error. Talked with customer service all they dud was make excuses wasted 22 minutes in phone offered nothing.

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