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Check is consolepsgame com legit reddit

Do console exclusives matter for PC games?

It's pretty rare that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC. At some point, many of them come to consoles (strategy games are usually an exception, as are many indie games). But console exclusives stay exclusive, and when it boils down to it, the games are the only thing that matter.

Why are console games more expensive than PC games?

Console games tend to stay at high prices for a much longer time and go on sale less frequently. It's hard to say exactly how many games you'd need to buy to make up the cost differential of a PC, but if you have the system for a sufficiently long time, it could pay for itself in software costs.

Why do gamers still play games on consoles?

Games are inherently about types of input and the low level mechanics that tie into that. While PC and mobile platforms have a multitude of games, the type of input coupled with the level of convenience is why some gamers still want consoles.

Do console gamers care that much about PC gaming?

Rarely is the opposite opinion expressed. I suspect, however, that this is not because there are no reasons to play on console rather than PC, just that console gamers don't care that much. But I'm here to express that less commonly touted opinion, even if it amounts to a slightly longer version of that same statement: I just don't care that much.

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