Is Craft E Corner Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is craft e corner legit . 

Check is craft e corner legit

Is craft e corner refusing to issue a refund?

It is now Sept.15th and Craft E Corner still refuses to issue a refund ($206.). I have contacted them no less than 6 times through email and they continue to tell me that I will be refunded when they get the package from UPS.

Does ecrafter have a crafts category?

eCRATER does have a “crafts” category, but the subcategories within this are limited to 17 options, most of which are actually craft supplies and not handmade items themselves. Setting up a storefront on eCRAFTER is free, and there are no listing fees.

What is the most popular online craft marketplace?

Etsy is the most popular online craft marketplace. In 2018, over two million sellers sold their wares to more than 39 million buyers. [ 2], [ 3] Sellers create a “shop” that groups all of their items in one place.

What is the disorganized Crafter?

"The Disorganized Crafter" is a NEW tutorial series for crafters of all levels. Step by step instructions with a little bit of wit from Crafty Corner Supplies. When we support each other wonderful things happen. Email us to nominate a local maker. A new maker featured each month!

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