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Is the Cricut website a scam?

The ACTUAL, REAL Cricut website is This "website" had wonderfully low prices, and looked very genuine. In my excitement, I rushed to buy a Cricut and fell for this scam.

Is the Cricut Maker worth it?

The Cricut Maker is worth it. The reason why I’m saying this is because I already bought this cutter. And I love it. It’s an exceptional cutting machine. You can buy Cricut Maker at Cricut Store here! Some of the advanced features include the rotary blade.

Where do you buy your Cricut machines?

Always compare prices between Amazon and My first machine, I got in on Amazon, and after that, everything I get from Cricut, I buy it on their website. Sometimes they have really hot sales. Something to expect when you buy a bundle from, it’s that sometimes things will ship on different days.

Should you buy a Cricut on Etsy?

First, you have to have some desire to be a maker. You could love all the cute things in the world, but if it’s just easier for you to buy it on Etsy because you don’t feel like making it yourself, your Cricut will sit unused. I do believe that the Cricut makes crafting and creating a whoooole lot easier and you don’t need to be super creative.

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