Is Digital Tech Shop Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is digital tech shop legit . 

Check is digital tech shop legit

Are tech support scams still a thing?

This is the latest of several cases the FTC has brought in connection with tech support scams since 2010, including a major international crackdown in 2012. But similar scams are likely to continue, operating in the U.S. and abroad, says Davis. “People still need to watch out for these scams,” he says.

Is digital download a legitimate store?

Yes, they are a legitimate store and have satisfied us regarding being authorised. Many sites (such as Digital Download) use a third-party distributor like Nexway or Ztorm rather than deal directly with each publisher (saves each publisher time as well, having to deal with lesser entities), so you may see some discrepancies between the lists.

What is the Florida computer tech scam?

Learn more. The Federal Trade Commission and Florida attorney general have shut down a major computer tech scam that they said bilked computer users out of millions of dollars by making them believe that their machines were compromised by malware or other problems.

Is this shop selling Windows 10 Pro for $110?

This shop is selling Windows 10 Pro for $110. All of their operating sysem prices and other software such as office are marked very cheap in comparision to most stores. I spoke to one of their reps online and they have informed me that none of the software is OEM and all comes with money back guarantee.

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