Is Evrucot Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is evrucot legit . 

Check is evrucot legit

Is EverQuote a legit insurance company?

Answer Wiki. No. Everquote, along with its affiliated domains — Provide Savings, Live Smarter Daily, My Quote, Us Auto Insurance, Save on Auto Insurance and others — is not a legitimate car insurance company. Everquote is a lead generation company for auto insurance agents, carriers, and aggregators, which is double speak for spam factory.

Do any of the women in the EverQuote AD work at EverQuote?

It turns out they all do work at EverQuote. The campaign’s primary ad features two Asian women who are both EverQuote employees and 2016 graduates of MIT. While the ad makes it seem they are founders, or, at the very least, executives of the company, Laura Zhang (L) and Denise Tang are both senior quantitative analysts.

How much funding did EverQuote receive?

In October 2016, EverQuote received $23 million in Series B funding via Savano Capital Partners, Stratim Capital LLC and Oceanic Partners, and T Capital Partners. In 2017, Everquote added $13 million to its previous $23M funding.

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