Is Freedom Street Garage Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is freedom street garage legit . 

Check is freedom street garage legit

What are the bad things about Freedom Mobile?

Freedom Mobile Reviews 1 Worst coverage and customer service 2 Signed up for 1 yr 3 scammers! 4 Do not recommed 5 Freedom is the worst service you can go with 6 I needed to replace an older Freedom phone 7 Freedom Service Is The Worst You Can… 8 Problem to Activate Phone 9 Have a contract 10 Horrendous customer service and bad… More items...

Is Freedom Mobile the worst cell phone provider in Canada?

Well for starters all Canadian providers suck and Canadians are being scammed. That said, Freedom mobile might just be the worst offender. I got my freedom mobile when I went and looked around for new providers and explained that I will be sailing around and it needs to work around the area I am sailing.

Where is Steve Singh from Freedom Mobile?

Hi, I visited Steve Singh retail specialist (at Freedom mobile store at 1480 Major Mackenzie Dr. Unit E7, Maple, Ontario, Canada L6A 4H6, Direct#:289-553-9463), early Nov 2021. He went extra miles to help my elderly mother in law with her cellphone bill issues.

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