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Check is legit . 

Check is legit

What to look for when buying tools from tool shop?

Try to find out who actually makes the "Tool Shop" brand. Lots of brand name tools get on the market under another name if they don't pass the quality tests during production. You should also look into warranties (store and manufacturer), parts availability, and locations of repair facilities.

Is milwaukeetools-outlet shop a scam or legit?

As per the reasons mentioned above, it can be concluded that MilwaukeeTools-Outlet Shop is one of the scam websites.

What kind of tools do we sell at Home Depot?

We give customers a simple online shopping experience with speedy delivery directly to your door. We stock brands including Milwaukee Tools, Makita Tools, HiKOKI Power Tools, Kincrome Tools, Festool, Metabo, Dewalt Tools and many more.

Are toolshop hand tools worth the price?

I replied to this thread when it was newer, saying that I had purchased several toolshop hand tools and found them to be worth what I paid for them. I took stock recently and realized that I had replaced about half of these with more expensive brands. Buy toolshop if you want, but keep the receipt.

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