Is Houston Diamond District Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is houston diamond district legit . 

Check is houston diamond district legit

Is Houston Diamond District a scam or legit?

While their online presence is clearly dubious at best and downright fraudulent at worst, Houston Diamond District does redeem itself slightly in the form of its in-person store. Located on Richmond Avenue in Houston, the store has many positive Google reviews describing its excellent service and the quality of its products.

Is there a diamond district in Houston?

This is a review of the store “Houston Diamond District”. In Houston, there’s isn’t an actual diamond district per se, however, I will make recommendations for the best places to shop for diamonds in Houston as well.

Is a comparable ring at Houston Diamond District worth more?

A comparable ring through the regular retail jewelers was much more, and when we took it to an independent appraiser, it appraised for over twice the amount that we paid for it. A few months later, a friend got engaged, and it turns out they used Houston Diamond District too!

Where can I buy diamonds in Houston?

Diamond Exchange Houston is the ultimate place to buy, sell, and exchange diamonds, engagement rings, diamond rings, diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, custom jewelry, loose diamonds, and other diamond jewelry.

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