Is Jbk Gadget A Legit Website or Scam? Know Here

Check is jbk gadget a legit website . 

Check is jbk gadget a legit website

Is gadget gone a good company to use?

Gadget Gone is Great! Gadget Gone did a great job of taking my broken phone off my hands. Gadget Gone paid for shipping, quickly evaluated my product, and made me an offer. I countered their offer, they accepted, and promptly paid me via check. I saved time and money via their service! Everyone was kind and professional.

Is JBL intentionally defrauding their customers?

There are several JBL customers complaining about similar incidents involving discrepancies between order confirmations and merchandise shipped. Most complaints have ended with the customer requesting a refund and then only being given a partial refund. I assert that JBL is either grossly incompetent or intentionally defrauding their customers.

Is JBL as awful as they say?

Absolutely awful. Sent non functioning ear buds, but they refuse to refund or replace! They sell you defective items and then tell you to accept a repair if you don't return within 30 days. I purchased direct from jbl on 11th November for a Christmas present, but as this is greater than 30 days I'm supposed to accept a repair?

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