Is Keen Shop Online Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is keen shop online legit . 

Check is keen shop online legit

Is keen a scam site?

Now Keen is so obviously trying to bury the accurate reviews from real customers. STAY AWAY FROM KEEN. IT IS A SCAM SITE PERIOD. Bea Marot In response to the Keen "reply" to my review, I understand from one Keen Advisor that the only thing that has changed is Keen takes a huge percentage from their advisors.

How does keen prevent the sale of counterfeit products?

KEEN constantly monitors the Internet for knockoff goods and employs a global brand protection and anti-counterfeit team who work with customs and law enforcement agents around the world to slow the manufacture and sale of fake goods. KEEN also partners with customers and fans to investigate websites suspected of selling counterfeit KEEN products.

Would you ever want to deal with keen shoes again?

Would never want to deal with them again, they couldn't care less about the customer. Back to reputable companies now. My husband is rough on his footwear. He’s very difficult to satisfy about how his work boots fit/feel. We found Keen Detroits a few years ago and he buys a new pair each year.

What do you think about keen?

I think Keen is a company with a really healthy mindset to provide that kind of support for the community. Very impressive! I stumbled on this site after placing an Amazon order for a new pair of Keen sandals and was honestly very surprised by all the negative reviews.

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