Is Kens Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is kens legit . 

Check is kens legit

Is KenKen Tamplin a scam?

ken tamplin's not a scam but he does overprice everything. like he'll charge you $300 dollars for a product that should be $100. which may be fine if you really want THAT product but if there are other options you like you can save your money.

Are there all the possibilities for Ken's products?

We cannot tell you all the possibilities for Ken's products, since your own taste and imagination define the limits! However, there are some suggestions in our Recipes section.

Would you give Ken any money?

I personally wouldn't give Ken any money simply because of his bad business practices. Watch THIS video for example. Ken filed a false copyright strike against this. Even though this guy can be a major troll, I see no issue with any points made in the video.

Why KenKen's for your business?

Ken's offers service, installation & tech support for your home, commercial business, & Places of Worship. The same techs that install and service equipment in a giant 100,000 square foot facility are also the same techs that come and hang a TV in you living room.

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