Is Led Factory Mart Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is led factory mart legit . 

Check is led factory mart legit

Why choose factory led direct?

At Factory LED Direct, we strive to provide the most extensive selection and the lowest costs of any wholesale direct lighting company. We pride ourselves not only on our vast selection and competitive prices but also on our superior customer service.

Who is the trusted LED light supplier?

We’re the trusted LED light supplier. I have been the owner of T+L Industries since 2016, we have used many other suppliers for our lighting needs. In the last 6 months, we have been using Factory LED Direct, we give FLD the first shot on all of LED needs.

What is the best brand of LED grow light?

Our top LED grow light brands include: Horticulture Lighting Group , Black Dog LED, Grower's Choice , Gavita, The Green Sunshine Company, Crecer Lighting, California lightworks, ChilLED Tech , Timber Grow Lights , Scynce LED , Kind LED, NextLight , Optic LED, Spectrum King, Viparspectra , Mars Hydro , G8LED/Dorm Grow , Thrive Agritech and more.

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