Is Medassist Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is medassist legit . 

Check is medassist legit

What is it like to work at medassist?

I loved working there. The company Medassist was great until Firstsource took over. ( India) I loved my job but there are too many bosses now, no bonuses anymore There's no place to advance and pay increases are very low. They also cap you if you receive more than your pay grade.

Are medassist ratings on Glassdoor affected by filters?

They are not authored by Glassdoor. This rating reflects the overall rating of MedAssist and is not affected by filters. Want more demographic options? Coming soon! We’re still collecting data to inform categories such as Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, and Veteran Status.

What do customers say about medessist?

Their customer service team is always quick to respond and they are constantly making improvements to their platform that are both relevant and helpful.” "MedEssist is a product that is constantly innovating and providing new features constantly. It was essential in helping my pharmacy navigate COVID and Influenza vaccination season.

What is sign up NC medassist?

Sign up NC MedAssist is the only statewide non-profit pharmacy in North Carolina. Through our various programs, we provide prescription and over-the-counter medications to our neighbors in need at no cost.

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