Is Miles Of Sneakers Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is miles of sneakers legit . 

Check is miles of sneakers legit

Are We really buying less shoes online?

While online shoe sales have clearly skyrocketed, our buying patterns have also changed. According to NPD we've been buying 27% fewer fashion shoes, as a nation, while sales of more comfortable footwear is well up.

What are the most common complaints about online shoe stores?

Complaints usually stem from shipping and incorrect orders arriving, which are very common among other online shoe stores. There were several grievances around ordering via phone, which isn't a common method of buying shoes, and this does seem to have caused some confusion among customers.

How much do sneakers cost?

For the sneakerheads, there’s nothing more exciting than shopping for new pairs of kicks, not to mention, scoring the hottest and rarest shoes on the market. While sneakers normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, there are others that are priced way more than a car at Goat and StockX.

What are the best online sneaker stores?

The thriving website is already considered one of the best online sneaker stores today. offers sneakers from top labels like Nike and Adidas. It also has lifestyle kicks from other brands like Fila and Ewing Athletics.

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