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Does M-LOK work in the field?

M-LOK in the Field For most of the duration of the test, KeyMod and M-LOK both performed well. But when it came to stress testing the two systems, M-LOK rifles could be dropped on the ground and 100% of the time, the attachments would stay securely fastened to the gun. For KeyMod, however, the success rate was a measly 33%.

Is M-LOK a better security system than KeyMod?

For KeyMod, however, the success rate was a measly 33%. The winner of this contest is clearly M-LOK. In fact, the M-LOK system has approximately 3x the industry support as KeyMod. But, while that SOCOM report didn’t do KeyMod any favors, the company hasn’t backed out just yet.

What is the difference between Moe and M-LOK?

The new M-LOK rail system had several improvements from the MOE system including using metric dimensions versus imperial dimensions and being designed so it could be compatible with free-floating handguards.

What is the difference between Magpul M-LOK and KeyMod?

The M-LOK (Modular Lock) M-Lok by Magpul. Unlike KeyMod, the M-LOK system doesn’t have a keyhole shape to slip your bolt into. Instead, the system is made up of narrow slots that T-shaped nut that, when turned, lays across the slot, locking the attachment into place.

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