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Is avesay legit or scam?

A small number of end users are likely uncertain if Avesay reviews are actually legitimate and if the online site can be perceived as authentic. In the beginning the homepage looks rather legit; nevertheless, looks could be very misleading.

What is optifly?

Increase Profitability Optifly's scheduling software helps airlines increase profitability by enabling every aircraft to fly more sectors, more routes, more hours, and meet their on-time performance (OTP) targets. 03. Automate schedule development

How does optifly work with Ryanair?

Automate schedule development Optifly’s suite of cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithms uses combinatorial optimisation and machine learning to reduce schedule creation from weeks to minutes, enabling our airline partners to outfly the competition. Ryanair signs an agreement with Optifly for Next-Generation Schedule Optimisation software.

What are the benefits of optifly for airlines?

Increase Utilisation Optifly enables airlines to greatly increase asset utilisation with better distribution of flights, dramatically lowering CASK (Cost per available seat kilometer), driving down airfares, and in turn, increasing demand. 02. Increase Profitability

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