Is Pendocs Legit or Scam? Know Here

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How much does Pendo cost?

We also prioritized created a freemium product, allowing teams to leverage Pendo’s powerful codeless product analytics, behavioral analysis, and in-app guidance features at no cost, and with no commitment or time limits. Want to learn more about Pendo? Try Pendo today for free.

What is Pendo and why does it exist?

This is why Pendo exists. Our goal is to give product teams (large and small, legacy and new) a platform to help them understand how their product is being used, so they can focus on continuously making it better. Now, let’s move on to the more pressing question: what is Pendo? As far as our name goes, Pendo is the latin word for “value.”

Is there an alternative to Pendo?

Many companies claim to be “the alternative” to Pendo, but don’t be fooled by point solutions posing as product platforms. By combining product analytics, customer sentiment, in-app messaging, and user guidance, Pendo is the only complete solution

Do I need coding to use Pendo?

All with no coding required. PRODUCT TOUR Want to learn more about Pendo? Take a tour of the product now. Put simply, Pendo helps organizations understand whether the products and features they’re building are being used and if so, by whom.

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