Is Press Pass Collectibles Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is press pass collectibles legit . 

Check is press pass collectibles legit

Why buy from press pass collectibles?

We bring the game to you! Press Pass Collectibles offers only authentic in-person autographs as well as a 100% money back lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with every single autograph we sell. We offer autographed memorabilia only from the top, reputable, leading suppliers of authentic sports memorabilia.

What is a legitimate press pass?

Press passes are issued by legitimate press agencies such as USPA or organizations such as IAPP and are well respected by businesses, event organizers and public institutions such as the police. This respect allows you to overcome research hurdles, making your every-day editorial work easier. How to identify a legitimate press pass ? Home Contact

Is it safe to order a press pass?

Be cautious when ordering a press pass from companies on the Internet who only sell press pass cards and nothing else. Most of these are fake press passes. These cards will NOT get you into any event and these companies will not send out letters on company letterhead on your behalf to gain access to events since they do not sell pictures.

Where can I buy a free press pass online?

Avoid imitations, free press pass offers online, fakes and homemade passes since these may all be illegal. Save your money and buy from a legitimate picture organization such as Picture Stock Worldwide. We have been in business since 1997. Thousands of photographers use our World Press Pass each day for their livelihoods.

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