Is Rentlinx Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is rentlinx legit . 

Check is rentlinx legit

What can I do with RentLinx?

All themes are customizable to match your website colors and design. Renters can view your property listings on a variety of devices, such as tablet computers and phones. Your rental property listings are easily managed through your RentLinx control panel. Are You Searching for a Property?

Does ForRent get fraud listings from RentLinx?

They also get listing feeds from RentLinx, but when a FRAUD posting is removed from RentLinx, it remains on ForRent. ALSO-- I have reported 8 different FRAUD properties via their online reporting mechanism...and 2 weeks later the FRAUD properties are still not deleted. As a result, the website is flooded with FRAUD listings.

Is rent products online a scam or legit?

They are scammers. They will not refund your money and they will string you along until you give up. I have reported them to BBB and IC3 but they appear helpless to do anything about it. Nobody will! They stole $139 from me. Rent Products Online has not refunded my money or sent me the ordered product.

Are there any complaints about the rental properties listed online?

That being said there are some complaints listed online from landlords who reported that their property was not accurately listed, and when they contact this website, it took the website a longer time than it should have to update the website to show the corrected information. Competitors and Alternatives?

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