Is Shop In Lucky Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is shop in lucky legit . 

Check is shop in lucky legit

Is ShopClues Lucky DRW legit or a scam?

Here we are not talking about their rewards, but we’re still analyzing that shopclues lucky drw is a Legit or fake website. Is Shopclues lucky draw is safe? No, it is not. Shopclues is an famous name in the market. Some Fraudsters cheating various people on the name of shopclues and ask them to transfer some money in their account.

Are people at Lucky brand stores nice to you?

People at the store are nice. ONLINE CUSTOMER SERIVE IS NOT. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. I say this is UN-LUCKY online. Is Lucky Brand your business?

Is zolucky a scam or legit?

There ar Zolucky is a SCAM posting fake pictures of the items at ridiculously low prices, your first warning. Shipping is slow and appears to come from CA but actually that is there sorting and shipping site, all items come from CHINA. The Quality is so poor that you would not be caught dead in them.

How can you tell if a shop is a scam?

They open the store for a short time, often selling fake branded clothing or jewellery. After making a number of sales, the stores disappear. They also use social media to advertise their fake website, so do not trust a site just because you have seen it advertised or shared on social media.

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