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What is Shurima like now?

Now Shurima is a barren wasteland, an unforgiving desert where only the strongest survive and its people cling to the few remaining oases and strips of fertile land around the coast.

What is the currency of Shurima?

The main currency of Shurima is called Securi. "The storm approaches." An ancient and mysterious wind spirit, Janna has come to protect the dispossessed of Zaun. Once known as Jan'ahrem, her power was once felt all throughout Shurima, with her aiding the vulnerable of the continent, especially those of the seafaring land of Oshra Va'Zaun.

What type of government does Shurima have?

Shurima currently has no centralized government; most regions are controlled by local leaders due to the isolation of many settlements. While the Shuriman Empire reigned, all regions were governed by feudal lords who answered to the Emperor of Shurima in the capital.

Is Shure affiliated with eBay?

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