Is Tectonic Crypto Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is tectonic crypto legit . 

Check is tectonic crypto legit

Is tectonic a scam or a legit cryptocurrency?

There are 54 votes decide that Tectonic is scam, ponzi, rug pull. There is 1 vote decide that Tectonic is legit. Note: The results of polling for Tectonic of the crypto community are intended to provide research data to the community. It does not reflect Webgiacoin's opinion.

What is tectonic (tonic) crypto?

TONIC is the native token of the Tectonic protocol. Since it is a relatively new token, investors should be cautious of price action volatility. Tectonic (TONIC) Crypto: What Is It & Should You Invest? | Nasdaq

How does the tectonic crypto market exchange rate work?

The tectonic crypto market exchange rate between TONIC and xTONIC is based on the amount of xTONIC minted compared to the amount of TONIC in circulation. As more users take out and repay loans, the staking module will purchase more TONIC from the market, reducing the supply and pushing up the price.

What happened to tectonic crypto?

On Thursday, the price of Tectonic crypto dipped to the fresh lows of $0.000000250.This was mainly due to the sump in Bitcoin price dipped to record lows of $24,500 for the first time in 16 months. However, the markets have shown some recovery and most cryptocurrencies are up today.

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