Is Tenant Turner Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is tenant turner legit . 

Check is tenant turner legit

Why choose tenant Turner?

Our robust web-based lead management software works for you 24/7/365, whether you have a dozen rentals or thousands. And it's backed by passionate customer support that's only a click away. Trusted by property managers across the country. Tenant Turner at a glance. Centralize all leads in the cloud with our modern tenant lead CRM.

How does tenant Turner’s fraud detection work?

For instance, leads interested in seeing a property secured by Tenant Turner are required to submit personal information to confirm who they are, and they must upload a photo ID. Tenant Turner runs each tenant lead through a series of fraud detection checks to weed out Nigerian princes and folks with burner phones.

Is it illegal to discriminate against tenants based on demographics?

It's illegal to discriminate against tenants based on demographics -- for example, because of race, color, religion or nationality. That doesn't just mean refusing to rent to someone of the "wrong" race, it also includes the landlord applying a different standard when screening tenants.

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