Is The Emotion Code Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is the emotion code legit . 

Check is the emotion code legit

What is the difference between emotional code certification and body code?

Emotion Code Certification is Level 1. After completion, you'll be able to take Body Code Certification Level 2. You can start using the Body Code app to heal yourself at any time. Only certified practitioners can charge for Body Code Sessions.

How much emotion code work should I do in a session?

It is important to let the body tell you how much Emotion Code work to do in a session. Most of the time you will find that you can identify and release about five to ten trapped emotions in a twenty minute session.

How many emotions are in the Emotion Code?

Dr. Nelson holds a chart, a page he calls The Emotion Code, that lists about 60 emotions. The chart is divide into two columns; there are six rows per column; and within each of the resulting 12 boxes is a list of five emotions.

Is the emotion code book available in other languages?

The Emotion Code book has been translated into many languages worldwide. There are thousands of Certified Emotion Code Practitioners (CECP) worldwide. Order a copy of The Emotion Code Book!

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