Is Titlew Legit or Scam? Know Here

Check is titlew legit . 

Check is titlew legit

Is title insurance a scam?

It's a total scam. If you are the homeowner and someone forges your name with the county recorder They are at fault . All you do is is report it as fraud . And when you purchase a home you get title insurance . Do your own diligence when picking a title company and realtor . I go to the tax assessor office and double check when i purchase .

Is home title lock a scam?

No, Home Title Lock is not a scam. It’s a legitimate service that people actively use to monitor and protect their home titles and keep their home equity out of the hands of criminals.

What is a rebuilt title scam?

The rebuilt title scam becomes an issue when a car dealership knowingly sells you a vehicle that’s been seriously damaged by flood, fire, or accident, and the title has been branded as such.

Should I be wary of asking for a photo of title?

If 'send me a pic of the title' is the very first question, then yeah, i'd be wary. If he asks if you have a title, amongst other relevant questions, then requests a bunch of photos of the vehicle including specific areas of interest (rust, blems, modifications) as well as a pic of the title he sounds more genuine and trustworthy.

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