Is Videogame Us Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is videogame us legit . 

Check is videogame us legit

Are game testers on IGN a scam?

And there were some articles that were on news websites about game testers. For example, there’s an article about game testing on Those are just news articles on well-known websites, so those aren’t scams obviously. Note, you can always safely avoid a scam by searching for testing jobs directly on each game company’s job postings page. 1.

Is Gamesplanet legit or scam?

In general, Gamesplanet seems to be both safe and legit, though its high amount of bad ratings compared to the total number of reviews on Trust Pilot may cause some buyers to hesitate before using it. But there is an easy yet reliable way to safeguard your transactions, which is to pay using PayPal since the service has buyer protection.

Is gameflip legit or scam?

Upfront Summary: Is Gameflip worth it? Gameflip is a legit online marketplace that sells digital goods from game keys, NFTs, gift cards, and gigs to a growing audience base at steeply discounted prices. The company also earned a reputation for being the best to buy from popular streamers, twitchers, and YouTubers.

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