Is Wildlife Collections Legit or Scam? Know Here

Find Out is wildlife collections legit . 

Check is wildlife collections legit

Is wildlife collections a scam?

July 17, 2020 **NOTE: Wildlife Collections is NOT a scam and they are STC’s exclusive turtle tracking jewelry partner. The following article is about the many other companies who are illegally using our tracking data and claiming to support our conservation programs.

What do you love about wildlife collections?

What an AMAZING work wildlifecollections is doing. They offer beautiful jewlery that help the endangered animal. When purchasing a product from them you don't just get great and frendly services but an opportunity to support and track one of your own animal. I love wildlife because of their passion to what they are doing.

Can I help save wildlife by buying from US?

There are many websites that falsely claim to be able to help save wildlife if you purchase from them, so be cautious from where you purchase from. We have official partnerships with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Orca Research Trust, and Save the Elephants.

Is wildlife collections a good place to buy shark tracking bracelets?

Wildlife collections is amazing!! Wildlife collections is amazing!!! I originally ordered their shark tracking bracelet for my boyfriend as a gift.

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