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What are the top 21 yaoi that you must watch?

Top 21 Yaoi that you must watch 1 Ikoku Irokoi Romantan oh babeyyyy, first ... 2 Level-C hard core. ohhh myyyyy. ohhhh my ... 3 Fuyu no Semi eh, Issa hard yaoi but the ... 4 Papa Datte, Shitai I love new yaoi. this ... 5 Maiden Rose hard yaoi EH.... I GUESS YOU ... 16 more rows ...

What do you think about hard yaoi?

hard yaoi. Hard yaoi. I mean, I wouldn't blame him. A cute movie about falling in love. This is soft yaoi, I think the story is very well developed and it shows how love can make people act. At the time I'm writing this, I can't finalize my review because this anime is still airing.

Is the yaoi fandom demanding too much explicit content?

There is a perception that the English-speaking yaoi fandom is demanding increasingly explicit content, but that this poses problems for retailers. In 2004, ICv2 noted that fans seemed to prefer buying yaoi online.

Are Western yaoi fans more likely to support gay rights?

It has been suggested that Western fans may be more diverse in their sexual orientation than Japanese fans and that Western fans are "more likely to link" BL ("Boy's Love") to supporting gay rights. Much like the Yaoi readership base, the majority of Yaoi fanfiction writers are also believed to be heterosexual women.

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