Outsourced Web Development: It’s Not What You Think

When you need a new website or an overhaul of your existing site, you need fast results. The longer it takes to complete your project, the longer you have to wait to see any kind of ROI.

The fastest way to get your project done is to outsource the work to a professional website development company. Outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to delegate work.

If you’re considering doing your own web work, here are five reasons to rethink your strategy.

1. You have no time for boredom

No matter what kind of web project you are faced with, it will involve tedious work that you probably don’t have time for. Every minute you spend messing with your website is a minute you don’t have for more pressing tasks.

Outsourcing your website development can help you tackle some of the most tedious tasks involved in creating or redesigning your website. For example, a web development company can translate your website into additional languages, migrate your site to a new platform, and optimize your site for lead capture.

Tedious tasks eat up your time, so it makes sense to outsource those tasks whenever possible. As a general rule, if someone else can do a great job, there’s no reason not to outsource it.

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2. You get a better website

In today’s world, DIY (DIY) website design is popular, but it’s not always the best choice. If all you need is a simple one-page website, you’re probably fine with a DIY design. However, if you run a business, sell products or services online, or are trying to generate leads, you need a professionally designed website.

Outsourcing your website design will give you the professional website you deserve. Your development team has the professional experience it takes to build a beautiful, functional website.

3. You have the foundation for solid marketing services

If you’re considering building your own website, you may not realize that your design can limit your ability to execute SEO and basic marketing strategies. For example, if you choose a free platform that doesn’t allow you to add JavaScript to your pages, you won’t be able to use stats trackers that run on JavaScript.

If your page layout is hard coded in some way, you may not be able to place your newsletter signup form in the ideal place.

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Another problem you may encounter is building a site on a platform with a template that is not easy to optimize for search. For example, you can’t choose your URL structure or edit your HTML to perform optimization on the page.

When you outsource your website project to a team of professionals with marketing experience, they will prepare your site in a way that is conducive to supporting both marketing and SEO strategies. They build your site on the right platform using the latest technologies needed to give you a solid foundation for all your marketing needs.

4. Outsourced Website Design Saves You Money

While saving money shouldn’t be the only factor to consider, web design is expensive and if you can save money, you should. However, it is important to understand why you are saving money by outsourcing your web design.

When web development companies do strict development work, they get a network of professionals who can perform any task they need. With so many clients, they can usually offer better rates for their services because they provide a steady stream of work to their contractors.

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When it comes to their employees, they can keep them working full time because there is always a steady stream of work to perform. In contrast, when you hire an in-house web developer, you have to pay them between development tasks, which ends up wasting labor costs.

5. You have a whole team working on your project

Building and launching a website takes time; it won’t happen overnight. It really takes a team to build a full website. When you outsource your web project to a professional company, a whole team works together on every aspect of your site. This means you get a faster completion and start time.

Little time? Consider outsourcing your web project

If you need to launch your project quickly, consider outsourcing your website development to a professional team. If you are concerned about working with different time zones abroad, look for a nearshore company in your time zone.

Outsourcing the task will give you a better website and better results overall.

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