Subway ran a Sandwich subscription promotion and customers ate it

Subway’s inaugural $15 one-month Footlong Pass subscription sold out within six hours of launch. The $15 Footlong Pass is a subscription that gives Subway MyWay Rewards members a 50% discount on a footlong sandwich every day in September when ordered on the chain’s mobile app or website with Daily Digital Codes.

Monthly subscription sold out within hours

Subway Footlong Passes went on sale on Wednesday, August 24, and all 10,000 available passes were purchased by customers in just six hours. The promotional package is made exclusively for the members of the sandwich franchise’s MyWay Rewards program. This allows Footlong Pass holders to purchase Subway’s iconic menu item – the footlong – for 50% off on the Subway app or, once a day, during the month of September for a one-time fee of $15.

Depending on location and toppings, Subway’s sandwich prices range from $6 to $12, making the month-long promotion a steal among Subway’s customers.

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“Subway has some of the most passionate and dedicated fans who have guided us every step of the way on our journey to become a better Subway. We created the Footlong Pass to thank them for their loyalty as the summer draws to a close and the pace of life picks up again,” said Barb Millette, Senior Director, Loyalty and Gift Cards for Subway.

Why promotions are good for businesses

Running promotions for your small business will help you differentiate your business from your competitors.

In addition to helping you attract more customers from discounts and promotions, you also help build your customer base. Promotions help spread word of mouth, and if done right, they can lead to more customers becoming interested in visiting your business.

Frequent promotions not only help customers remember your brand, but also help drive sales. Promotions and sales can also come in handy if there are other companies that sell similar products or services to yours. In addition, you can also bundle products for your promotion to get a little more grip on the sale of less popular items.

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