What it means to humanize a brand (and how to do it right)

Marketing podcast with Jacqueline Lieberman

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast I interview Jacqueline Lieberman. Jacqueline is the former Managing Partner and Head of Strategy Story Worldwide and the current founder of BrandCrudo.

Main takeaway:

Brands are people’s introduction to companies and their way of communicating with companies. The more human a brand is, the better the interaction will be. All the beloved brands out there are the ones that act like people. They have a conscience, a point of view, a soul and a personality. In this episode, Jacqueline Lieberman discusses the work she does with her customers and the ways she has helped many brands become more human.

Questions I ask Jacqueline Lieberman:

[1:04] One of the things you often talk about is making brands more human and putting a purpose into practice. Can you talk about going beyond the slogan?
[3:54] Some companies brand themselves in ways that have nothing to do with their product, such as insurance companies for example. Is creating a brand personality an effective approach?
[5:36] How do brands deal with the fact that there are so many channels to reach consumers that are beyond their full control in many ways?
[8:26] In general, what happens when a company hires an external brand strategist, what is your process and what do you do to try to change course?
[12:28] What role does internal politics play in larger companies when it comes to branding?
[13:42] How often do you get the chance to go deeper than marketing?
[14:58] Do you have examples where typical gaps occur and there is no internal communication that creates a bad experience?
[19:26] 2021 will still be a year in which people will be recovering from 2020. Is there a message of trends, behaviors or things that people should be aware of?

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