How SEO has evolved over the years

Marketing podcast with Dale Bertrand In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast I interview Dale Bertrand. Dale has been an SEO specialist for Fortune 500 companies and venture capital-backed startups around the world for two decades. He speaks at industry conferences, leads, corporate training and is an entrepreneur in residence at the Harvard … Read more

Report: 94% of CDOs believe data privacy technology boosts revenue

Couldn’t attend Transform 2022? Check out all the top sessions in our on-demand library now! Look here. According to a new survey from TripleBlind, 94% of healthcare and financial services CDOs surveyed stated that deploying data privacy technology that enforces existing data privacy rules would lead to increased revenues for their organizations. Data is one … Read more

3 ways to capitalize on creativity

In the ever-changing landscape of entertainment, performers and producers are increasingly immersed in the complex world of business. With streaming on the rise, talent has become a commodity. So how do content creators negotiate deals that won’t cut them short in the end? Ammon Lyle has worked at Amazon in content acquisition and development for … Read more

Indian shipping logistics giant Shipyaari has exposed customer data – TechCrunch

Shipyaari, a Mumbai-based software company that provides shipping logistics to major consumer brands, has released the personal information of thousands of its customers over months of wasting internal shipping information. The exposed data, discovered by security researcher Ashutosh Barot, including names, addresses, phone numbers, order invoice amounts, and delivery status of Shipyaari customers. According to … Read more

A look back at India’s shared and deepening partnership with Australia

As India celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence, many world leaders including the Prime Minister of Australia have congratulated Indians living in Australia and other countries. Many academics and think tanks believe that India is the best opportunity for Western democracies to counter China as a strategic partner and market. Whatever the reality on the … Read more