Be a part of the future of marketing at Reuters Events NYC 2022

New business trends, products, services and technologies require new marketing strategies. Reuters Events Strategic Marketing NYC 2022 brings together leading marketing experts from the best global companies to show you what the future of marketing holds. This includes more than 50 chief marketing officers and more than 350 senior leaders in more than 30 sessions. … Read more

Digital retirement platform Penfold raises $8.5M Series A led by Bridford Group – TechCrunch

Penfold, a digital pension platform, has closed a Series A funding round of £7 million ($8.49 million) led by Bridford Group, an investment group. Jeremy Coller, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Coller Capital, also participated in the round. Penfold has also raised additional funding through a crowdfund among its client base. The money will … Read more